Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seeing Purple : On Pens and concentrating.

Science Academy Software has developed a brand new business model or paradigm for Education. Need for portability, Can I employ it on all my PCs? Web enabled machines make learning possible anytime - in class, in after-school programs, or at home ( learning happens anytime any where ). Five Can instructional material be shared with various age groups or learning incapacities ( folks learn differently ) ? Six.

No, I am referring to the freshest item at Office Depot, Staples, and other college supply meccas. According to an article in The Boston World , many teachers are giving up their infamous red pens and turning to purple. Although some stalwarts are gripping their crimson felt tips, others are welcoming the royal shade in all its jewel tones. If "seeing red" is an euphemism for rage, seeing red marks is an indication of failure. Purple gets your attention without accelerating your pulse, and according to paint trick cyclists, it is healing for those afflicted with stress or psychological torment. I feel a bit like dancing in the streets in my orchid boots, tossing my lilac beret in the air and twirling my dozen iris scarves. "Purple makes complete sense as my color of preference. It is not about connecting with my chakras. It turns out to be in style this season, but listen to me, if I'm considered a style guru, it is solely by accident. If boysenberry walls excite deeper concentration in priests who spend all day meditating, it's ok for me. Not so with a Web application or services that will provide updates in an efficient fashion or "on-the-fly". Help other scholars, fill reports, executive jobs ) ? It's not Cheap Developing web-based academic solutions costs time, money, and purpose. As with computer games, children often "burnout" or play games most in the first twenty-four hours. They already have DSL, wire, or on a network and may know somebody, their youngsters or themselves, who might gain from playing. Developers of these instructional games are simply using tools that are available for net-based delivery ( e.

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