Sunday, October 4, 2009

Making Folk Redundant? Five Issues to Address First.

Historically western regimes, basically the U at first sight this donor-recipient-model appears ideal particularly given the history of colonization from a number of the now donor states. However as present day eventualities in a number of African states illustrate this model appears not to work. There's masses of both to make better conditions than we have seen during the past fifty years. Similarly , in most examples, the fault can also be laid at the feet of the African folks who have time and time again attempted to play and win in contest where the guidelines are consistently changing. Well really, to be more actual it more of a lease. Mass sackings or redundancies have been a choice for entrepreneurs andmanagers since the beginning of the Commercial Revolution, and a typical phenomenon in the last thirty years. There are five reasons thatpoint to their being incongruous. The staff had beenspecially selected as the best in the company however when challenged,my executive simply told me,We dont have the resources to be more choosy.

Are you sure you aren't rushingthings and you know and understandwhat you are relinquishing. Have you actually inspected your commercial logic? Redundancy isaimed at reducing futurecosts, but comprises shouldering unusual costs now to do so. Are you certain that you are able to afford to lay folk off ata time when you want tosave costs ratherthan add to them? No business that I'm mindful of has,before layingpeople off,ever even conducted a break-even research todetermine just when theanticipated savings will kick in. Not out of charity, but out of strategic planning to reach a raised level on the world stage. While there's no problem with remaining a smaller player in the worldwide hamlet this country wants more and feels it has more to supply the world than to sit on the back benches for perpetuity.

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